Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is Stupid

Anyone who's read through Nick's blog, and read through this stuff so far is probably wondering about why I never seem to want to get involved in any of this crap.

I was 12. It always starts when you're a kid. Some people get terrified and put it off for a while, but most of us start when we're 12 or so. There's always some development around years 6 and 7, which leads to a slow and strong growth of spiritual awareness. At least, that's what I can tell based on the stories I've heard from other people.

I remember being in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You'll hear Nick joke sometimes, "LANCASTER! The center of EEEEEEVIL!"

He's not too far from the truth. From the Amish pot-growers to the Pennsyltucky hicks, it doesn't get much worse. There are other things that make them look minor though.

It was a cabal of necromancers out in Pennsyltucky. They're always an issue to someone like me. I'm, principally, a druid. Everyone has a tradition, whether they realize it or not. I hear the earth, and it is a fractured, self-contradicting mess. There is no one spirit of the earth, there are thousands scattered across our world making up a collective consciousness you might call "Gaea," and the bitch is constantly on the rag these days. I'd say I quit just because of that, but it's not true.

No, you see, it had to be necromancers. There's a cycle of life, and they pervert it. Things die, they pass on, their bodies decompose and their energy returns into the cycle until it creates something new. We're not talking about souls and reincarnation, just a natural cycle of energy constantly in flow. It's nature, it's the world, it's how it works.

Necromancers take that energy, and they rip it from the natural order, forcing it to act as they desire. The land suffers for their greed. Sometimes they use it to speak with the dead, Nick would tell you all the good things that a necromancer will do for people. That doesn't matter to me, because they're still doing it FOR PEOPLE. The natural order of things means squat to them. At least Nick, when he's wearing his Shaman hat, is clean. He draws it all in, and then pushes it back out. He seeks harmony with the world, not destruction.

They knew I was in Lancaster. They could sense me smoothing out the wrinkles and helping the natural order WORK. They had their plans, and they wanted to use those wrinkles to become unto gods. So they went after your friendly neighborhood Green Man, Almighty Janitor of Lancaster.

Over six months in 2003, they tried to kill me. I was better than any one of them, but there were twelve of them and one of me.  After one particularly bad night, it all stopped. I was dying, and I pressed up against a tree outside my house. I felt Gaea, and I was angry. This was how my life was going to end.

Then I said no. And the next day, I read in the paper about a group of people found dead in their barn, all having had heart attacks at the exact same time. Very mysterious. Very creepy. Very much what I do.

And I traveled the world, and Gaea was a mess everywhere. More necromancers and greedy bastards, and nothing I did really changed anything. Six months later, it'd be back to where it was before. And when I stopped doing what I did, someone else took my place. I didn't have to be a cog in the machine.

Nick never understood that. He's another working part, and someone will replace him if he ever goes away. He's not the only one who can do what he does, and sooner or later when he gets himself killed someone a lot like him will show up to do his job.

You know what though? One of these stupid men who aren't men anymore (you call them "Proxies") nearly killed me. This "Mastermind" had me shoved in a dark room with a TV for a few weeks. There are idiots everywhere, and this is stupid.

So fuck you all. Green Man is in play. You brought me back, and I am an ill-tempered, ornery motherfucker.


  1. Oh, don't be so pissy. You should be excited, we're gonna help save the world! Think about how many people would give anything to be able to do what we do.

    1. First off, we live in the same house. Don't respond to me on blogger.

      Second off, go sell Jack some magic beans in another fairy tale, because I'm not buying them.

    2. Weaver, you sound like an overenthusiastic fangirl that's about to get herself killed over a fantasy.

      Green Man, you sound like a rude jackass. I'm sure that isn't necessary to someone you work with all the time.

    3. You've got one thing right, she's definitely working hard on getting herself killed. Keeping this bunch alive is going to be difficult.