Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hey there

Okay, I'm around and kicking. Alice wants us to introduce ourselves, so here I am. Viviane. The one otherwise known as 'Spinner', or Viv. I meant to post a bit earlier, but there was a small situation involving a spider, a lizard, and a crossbow.

Blogs are nothing but trouble most of the time. And no, I'm not saying they attract trouble. Trouble finds people whether they have blogs or not. The ones with the blogs are just the ones that you hear about. Because people go out of their way to ignore the trouble of others most of the time, unless it's shoved right under their noses. That's the way it works, a high percentage of the time, unfortunately.

I guess that's what Alice wants to avoid. Our ignoring things like that. Anyway, I mostly just mean they're a bit of a bother. I should know, I kept journals a lot as a kid. It's like keeping up with a diary, only you're letting the whole world read it. Joy. I'll be making the best of it, though. We've all got stories to tell, both independently and together.

A record of our actions, to keep us accountable. Or something like that. Or maybe just something so people know we exist and aren't dead. That's a big part of it, from what I can tell.

I should go, anyway. I hear the a little something brewing in the other room. So I guess you people get to hear about our troubles now. And we'll be following up on yours. Might as well, considering I have a slew of urls memorized at this point. Two weeks of a constant onslaught of reading and videos can do that to you. I might have a few of them run together at this point, but most likely not.

That and the fact that things are more than a little... iffy at the moment. Rising of figureheads and symbols, falling of the same, people dying, instability all around. Alice wants to get out there and do things. She wants to help people. Well, I didn't have any plans for the summer, anyway.

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  1. What's the difference between a symbol and a Symbol? How well they're remembered after they're dead.